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Reasonable Answers to Sincere Questions about Christianity

If There is a God, How Do We Explain Evil? 1. This is a big sticking point for many people. They can't understand how anyone can claim that there is a God, or that He is good, while evil exists. 2. Christianity teaches that all that God created is good. But when God created everything as good, He opened up the possibility for the "good" to be used in bad ways. God Himself has never done anything evil, or even experienced evil. 3. God created man as good, but gave man the moral freedom to choose. Man chose to disobey God and thus fell from God's grace. Because man made the moral choice to use the good creation for evil purposes, man, and not God, is responsible for the evil he's caused. 4. God knew that this would happen, but God has a greater ultimate purpose, which is to shape man fully into His holy image so that He can share eternal life with God. 5. God knew that once man fell he would not be able to redeem himself and fulfill God's ultimate purpose (see #4). So God sent His Son, Jesus, to show man the way. 6. Because God is just as well as holy, the penalty for the sin committed must also be paid. Jesus, after living a perfect life, died on the cross to pay that penalty on mankind's behalf. 7. Not everyone chooses to call Jesus Lord and accept what was done on their behalf. This is why there is still so much evil in the world. But God has promised to be with those who trust Him. He has given His Holy Spirit as a pledge while on earth. They will never be alone as they grow and become like Him. 8. When this life is over, those who have trusted in Christ's sacrifice will come into God's presence and share eternal life, joy and bliss with Him. No more tears; no more pain; no more evil.