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Reasonable Answers to Sincere Questions about Christianity

Does God Exist? 1. The fact that anything at all exists is proof that some kind of eternal being exists. Otherwise, how could we get something from nothing? 2. Some will say that the universe just always existed. But if the universe just always existed, then what caused it to start expanding at the big bang? 3. The law of cause and effect states that every effect needs a cause. But it's irrational to work backwards through an infinite number of causes. At some point we need an 'uncaused cause' that began the whole thing. 4. Some will ask, "If God exists, how can evil exist?" The question is, from where are we getting our concept of evil? We must understand a "good" to contrast with our concept of evil. Otherwise, what we call "evil" is just a personal preference. 5. God could have created us without the ability to choose for ourselves. But God did not create robots. The ability to choose necessarily includes the ability to choose to do evil. 6. Some want to claim there's no such thing as God, or good and evil. But the minute that person is offended he or she immediately claims that they've been wronged and treated unfairly. This goes right back to our concept of right and wrong, good and evil. As soon as we are offended we immediately know that yes, there is a right and a wrong behavior. This standard comes from outside ourselves. If it didn't come from God, then where did it come from? 7. Someone might say that our sense of right and wrong just comes from the impersonal universe. The problem is that if the universe is not a personal thinking thing, then what caused it to suddenly expand at the Big Bang?