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Reasonable Answers to Sincere Questions about Christianity

Evolution or Design Theory? 1. Evolutionary theory requires that a person believe evolution before beginning any inquiry. Therefore, the answer is already determined at the start. If this were any other scientific field, that method would be rejected. 2. Who knows? Evolution could be true. However, because evolution excludes all other possibilities, an evolutionist will never have absolute certainty. The other possibilities have not been exhausted. 3. An evolutionary worldview doesn't allow a person to live consistently. People must "borrow" from Christianity in order to fill out the rest of their belief system. --For example, evolutionists can't get outside themselves and so must rely on their sense perception. But with evolution, on what basis do they rely on sense perception? Did the senses evolve by chance? So how can they be sure they are accurate? --For example, none of us can help but feel a sense of moral obligation. It is intrinsic to our nature. But with evolution, on what basis does an evolutionist explain morality? If it truly evolved by chance, then how can we be sure it's accurate? Yet, very few evolutionists are willing to completely throw off morality. 4. Evolution sees nature as the divine. But if nature is eternal and infinite, then it would be infinitely old. If this is true, we should have reached heat death a long time ago. Yet we have not. Therefore, nature is not eternal. 5. Evolution attempts to explain the survival of the fittest. But it does not address the how the fittest actually got here to begin with. 6.Design theory is a worldview that is open to honest and valid inquiry. It accepts all possibilities from the beginning - natural and supernatural. Therefore, all possibilities are covered. 7. Design theory believes there is a designer, and that we were created to live and function in this world. Therefore we can trust our senses and our inner sense of morality. 8. Design theory recognizes the staggering complexity of the world. Science has yet to prove that any of this could have happened by chance.