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Reasonable Answers to Sincere Questions about Christianity

Religions and Cults 1. Humans seem to be hardwired to believe in a God of some kind. This is something that evolution has yet to explain. 2. Many people believe that all paths lead to God. However, many of these "paths" contradict each other. All religions can't be right. 3. Although the "religion" you choose here on earth may not seem important, it could have eternal consequences. 4. Blaise Pascal, a 17th century philosopher, mathematician and physicist, pointed out that everyone is betting on one thing or the other: That God does or does not exist. -- A rational person will live as if God does exist. If in the end he is wrong, he has lost only finite pleasures. -- Others will live as if God doesn't exist. If in the end they are wrong, the consequences are enormous and forever. My prayer for anyone who reads this is that they will check everything out and choose wisely.